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National Health Care Organization

National Health Care Organization, a government registered entity under the Haryana Government Rules, monitors the development and delivery of a broad range of medical facilities to common man. National Health Care Organization capitalizes on years of experience in the field of National Health Care in India. The institution also works towards improving medical care by reducing medical errors that, at times, prove to be fatal. If you are looking for the National Health Care Organization, find National Health Care Organization Contact Details below. We have mentioned below complete Contact Address and accurate Contact Number of the National Health Care Organization.

National Health Care Organization Contact Details

Address: R.O-6, Ram Bagh Road, Subzi Mandi, Delhi-110007
Contact Number: +91-8198953098

Health is a boon of God. It is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, and does not just mean being free from physical pain or the symptoms of various physical ailments. National Health Care Organization takes up initiatives that aim to promote heath awareness among people. In addition, the organization also conducts surveys on different topics covering health and social wellbeing. It has conducted several surveys so far on topics such as HIV AIDS, Cancer, Polio, Diabetes, Malnutrition, Malaria, Measles, Tuberculosis, Influenza, Nephritis-Nephritis, etc.

Office Emails & Contact Numbers

General Helpline

Contact Number: +91-8198953098, +91-8198953089

Email: (Record Branch)
Email: (Product Branch)
Email: (Recruitment Branch)
Email: (Administrative Office)
Email: (Feedback)

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