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Harekrushna Mahtab State Library Orissa

Harekrushna Mahtab State Library is one of the top libraries in Bhubaneswar whose birth took place during the first Five Year Plan under the suggestion of the Indian Government. The construction was complete d in 1959 as a four storey building covering an area of 16000 sq.ft. The library has been named in the memory of the builder of modern Odisha – Dr. Harekrushna Mahtab. In 1987 it was renovated and entire space of the four storey building was utilized for the functioning of two Libraries i.e. State Library for the entire State of Odisha and another Public Library for Bhubaneswar City. The former one is exclusively for reference work while the later one permits the lending and borrowing of books. With total seats of 350 with 1,44,000 volumes on various topic, the library has been continuously allowing researchers, book lovers and students to be a part of it. Harekrushna Mahtab State Library Contact Details has been provided below for further contact.

Harekrushna Mahtab State Library Contact Details 

Address: Opp. Keshari Talkie, Bhubaneswar-751 001
Contact Number:

From the organization point of view, the Library is divided into three Divisions, namely Administrative Services Division(ASD), Technical Services Division(TSD),and Reader's Services Division(RSD). RSD renders service to readers for 12 hours a day i.e. from 8A.M to 8P.M. Photocopying, Canteen, Cycle Shed, Property Counter; Reprography etc are the various types of services rendered by Harekrushna Mahtab State Library to its readers and visitors. A person desiring to be a member of the State Library shall make an application in the appropriate form appended to its rules, obtainable on payment of Rupees five, together with two copies of the latest passport size photographs of the applicant and the receipt in support of payment of application fee. Every person admitted as a member of the State Library shall be required to make a refundable deposit of Rs.50 before issue of Membership Card to the applicant. Casual visitors desiring to use the facilities of the State Library for more than seven days, but not exceeding 30 days shall be required to make a refundable deposit of Rs.30.

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