Friday, 16 November 2012

Tips On Buying New Laptop

Tips on Buying Laptop can benefit you whenever you hit your nearest Computer Store for your Laptop purchase. Since the IT world across the globe is advancing and expanding at an extraordinary pace, sleek and stylish laptops have captured the eyeballs of one and all. If you wish to buy the best laptop to carry out your work more efficiently, it is better you go through a set of few important Tips on Buying Laptop before making your purchase. Buying a Laptop for personal or office use can be an expensive affair for anyone. Though a great number of portable gadgets have hit the markets, the popularity of Laptops has not diminished at all. An Advance Laptop is something that comes first on the wish list of many. Whenever you go to the market to buy a Laptop, the one question that is bound to hover in your mind over and again is "How to Pick the Right Laptop"? Well, there are several Tips on Buying Laptop that you need to keep in your mind. Some features and specifications you need to look for in your Laptop are discussed below:

Tips On Buying New Laptop

1. Brands

If you want your Laptop deliver unremitting performance for years to come, it is imperative to look for a branded Laptop. Some of the most sought-after Laptops Brands in India include Dell, Sony, Lenovo, HP-Compaq Acer, Zenith, Asus, Toshiba and HCL. Look at your needs and get quotes from your nearest Laptop Stores.

2. Budget

See how wide you can open strings of your wallet and then decide on a budget to make a purchase of Laptop. Get quotations of Laptops that suite your need and costs within that range. It is advisable to note whether the company is offering good after-sales services.

3. Processor

When you hit the store to buy a Laptop, you will come across several names like Intel Celeron M Processor and Intel Centrino Mobile Technology, to name just a few. No matter which processor you go for, you should make it a point to get at least 1.6GHz of processing speed.

4. Hard Disk Drive

The Hard Disk Drive holds your Software, Files and Folders along with the Operating System. Before buying your Laptop two important features you should look for the size of the Hard Drive and the Speed at which runs. Larger Hard Drives do store more data but also cost more, so see how much you can pay.

5. RAM

Random Access Memory is the place where all your information, application and data are stored temporarily while you are using them. Never compromise on spending a few extra bucks on RAM. Most Laptops come with at least 512MB, which is fine, and many offer 1024MB RAM.

6. Screen

Never get swayed by wide screens instead look for a screen depending on the type of work you do. However, in any case the minimum screen size you will require is a 12-inch display. High-end users can look for a wider screen ranging from 15- to 17-inch.

7. Battery

You may come across situations when there is no electricity. Check the battery life on the laptop. A competent battery in your Laptop enables you carry out your work away from a power socket. For a basic Laptop, a single Lithium ion primary battery would do. It may last at least last 2 years.

8. Optical Drive

Basic Laptop users can efficiently work with a CD-DVD Combo Drive. This option is best for them. However, high-end users can go for DVD/CDRW Combo Drive. The smallest Laptop may not have an Optical Drive built in but may offer one as an External Module.

9. Weight

You should make it a point that your Laptop weighs less than 5 pounds if you happen to be an enthusiastic traveler. A bulky Laptop can be formidable to carry for people who travel frequently. It is better you choose a Laptop that is easy to carry.

10. Networking

In an era of Information Technology keeping in touch with everyone has become a necessity. When you buy your Laptop, you should make sure that you get at least need an Ethernet LAN connection and integrated wireless card.

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