Thursday, 18 April 2013

Max Mueller Bhavan Delhi

Max Mueller Bhavan Delhi is a part of the the cultural institution of the Federal Republic of Germany – Goethe-Institute. In India the institute has been named after the Sanskrit scholar, Max Müller who lived from 1823 to 1900. The Max Mueller Bhavan Delhi also serves as the head office while the other five in Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune serves as the branch office. The establishment hosts and manages a wide spectrum of cultural events in Delhi and other north Indian cities with the aim of enhancing German culture, particularly its contemporary aspects, in India. Its creative and reflexive programmes and plans are developed in close collaboration with Indian partner institutions. Interested people can contact the institute through their contact number and other contact details in order to collect information regarding German Language classes, their timings and schedules, dates of various events and other necessary information. Max Mueller Bhavan Delhi Contact Details has been provided below for any future contact.

Max Mueller Bhavan Delhi Contact Details

Address: 3 Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi-110001, India
Contact Number: +91-11-23471100
Fax: +91-11-23722573

The Max Mueller Bhavan Delhi provides information about current aspects of cultural, social and political life in Germany and is the base for the central information service of the Goethe Institutes in India. They are stocked with a wide range of media, offering newsletters on miscellaneous issues and supply access to data banks. The organisation also promotes library cooperation and works in joint venture with other institutions in this arena to conduct joint events and projects.  In addition to general language courses covering all levels for adults and teens, their offer includes a wide range of special courses as well as company courses. The language courses are supplemented by an extensive examination programme. The German institute is also a teachers' training organization and carries out workshops and seminars on teaching German as a foreign language.

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