Thursday, 27 June 2013

Banjara School of Dance Contact Details

Banjara School of Dance is the first Belly Dance Academy in India. The institute has been established to amalgamate the mind, the soul and the body into a mesmerizing artistic shelter. It welcomes dance lovers from across the nation to craft higher and greater levels of dance form. With the basic aim of "to express not to impress", the institute is the Best Dance Academy in Delhi. Apart from Belly dancing, Banjara School of Dance also takes in the interest to teach Egyptian Oriental dance along with few more forms. The institute has given away their Contact Details with essential information such Contact Person Name, Contact Number and Email ID. Interested students can contact Jyotsna (Manager) to take in details about class timings, schedule, fee structure, events, shows and other significant enquiries. It has also hired professional dance instructors and choreographers to shape each step into perfection. Banjara School of Dance Contact Details has been provided below for further contact.

Banjara School of Dance Contact Information

Contact Person: Jyotsna (Manager)
Contact Number: + 91-9899851475

For 2013 Summer Banjara School of dance has organized BellyDance Summer Crash Course. It is a seven day Intensive Course comprising 14 hours and covering all the basics of the original 3 months beginner's course. It is a chance for students to study all the basics in a shorter duration of time. Besides for regular classes a learner need to pay his/her fee prior to the first class and needs to be present in the institute 30 minutes before class begins. Students belonging to in any one batch may attend as many batches free of cost for regular practice, but they must inform their own instructor and also the instructor taking the class they are practicing at. But that does not mean that the Dance Academy at ease with such adjustments. They should not make a habit of being irregular to their batch and then covering up in other batches. The idea is to be regular to any one batch and still get practice in other batches.

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