Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Sant Shree Morari Bapuji

Morari Bapu is a renowned spiritual guru. He has his followers spread across the entire length and breadth of the world.  His real name is Moraridas Prabhudas Hariyani. Born on 25 September 1946 in Talgajarda, he is India's popular Hindu preacher, who has been rendering 9 day-long sermons in both Gujarati and Hindi all over the world, including in India, the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda since the mid-1970s. To date, he has sermonized more than 700 kathaas across the world. Most of his sermons are based on the Ramcharitmanas of Tulsidas and other such prominent works about Rama. He also recounts sagas of Gopigeet which depicts the heart-rending conditions of gopis of Vrindavan singing of the glory of Krishna. If you want to know more about him, find with us Sant Shree Morari Bapuji Contact Details. In this post you can get comprehensive Sant Shree Morari Bapuji Contact Details.

Sant Shree Morari Bapuji Contact Details 

Address: Sangeetni Duniya Parivar Near Nagrik Bank. Mahuva District,
Bhavnagar, Gujarat – 364290
Contact Number: (02844)222864
Fax: 224912

As a distinguished exponent of the Ram Charit Manas, Sant Shree Morari Bapuji has traveled all over the world, reciting the implicit meaning of revered Indian scripture. With the help of his sermons and recitations throughout the world, he is envisioning the universal peace and spreading the message of truth, love and compassion. Though the prime source of his knowledge and sermons remains the Hindu scriptures, Bapu draws upon examples from other religions as well. Besides, he invites people from all faiths to attend his discourses and express their opinions. If you want to know more about Bapu, find Sant Shree Morari Bapuji Contact Details. We have mentioned above Sant Shree Morari Bapuji Contact Details with complete Address and accurate Contact Number of Sant Shree Morari Bapuji Ashram in Gujarat. Do you have a question, comment or suggestion? Well, feel free to post your comment below.

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