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Akshara Advertising Contact Details

Akshara is a renowned National Advertising Agency. It is one of the biggest advertising networks, spanning across six cities in India. Brought into being in the year of 1975 as a proprietorship firm, today Akshara Advertising has established itself as a Limited Company. Akshara's creative output, since its humble beginning a few decades ago, has been unparalleled and aspiring. The agency has been in the business of building brands for over 3 decades. It is a fully Accredited Agency with the Indian Newspaper Society and Prasar Bharati and is recognized by all channels. Akshara is also a member of the Advertising Clubs also, and is best known for its work for key clients. Slow but steady expansion and an extraordinary string of account wins catapulted the agency into India's leading advertising agencies. In case you are looking forward to establishing contact with the agency, find below Akshara Advertising Contact Details. We have mentioned below Akshara Advertising's New Delhi Head Office and Mumbai Registered Office Contact Details.

Akshara Advertising Contact Details

Akshara Advertising New Delhi Head Office      

Contact Person: Shankar Narayan Alva, Chief Executive Officer
Address: 4th Floor, 4/1 Delite Theatre Building, Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi 110002
Contact Number: +91 11 4104 2796, Fax: +91 11 4104 2798

Akshara Advertising Mumbai Registered Office

Contact Person: Ashish Jalan, Director
Address: Queens Mansion, Lower Ground floor, Next to Cathedral School,
Prescot Road, Fort, Mumbai – 400 001
Contact Person: 022 – 40558900; Fax: 022 – 40558901

Since its inception in 1975, Akshara Advertising remains one of the country's most admired creative agencies, attracting number of clients from different fields. Akshara Advertising is strongly engaged with offering high quality advertisement services for clients, and by doing so it aims to further strengthen its position in the market. It boasts of several skilled employees. If you are looking forward to promoting your brand, get in touch with Akshara Advertising. You can contact Akshara Advertising for Branding Service, Advertisement Films, Digital Advertisement and Media Advertisement. Other services offered by the agency include Event Management, Media Buying and Planning, Retail Consultancy and Internal Communications. We have mentioned below Akshara Advertising Branch Offices Contact Details.

Akshara Advertising Branch Offices

Akshara Advertising Bangalore Office

Address: No. 308, 3rd Floor, Brigade Gardens, Church Street, Bangalore – 560001
Contact Number: 080 – 4112 4080,
Fax: 080 – 4112 4082

Akshara Advertising Chennai Office

Contact Person: Sankara Subramanian, Vice President
Florida Towers, 1st Floor, 138/30, Nelson Manickam Road,
Chennai 600 029
Contact Number: 044-2374 1047,
Fax: 044-2374 1048

Akshara Advertising Hyderabad Office

Contact Person: M V Subrahmanyam, Vice President
Address: 11-4-641/A, 1st Floor Lane, Opp PTI Building,
AC Guards, Hyderabad – 500 004.
Contact Number: 040 – 2339 3003,
Fax: 040 – 2330 7477

Akshara Advertising Nagpur Office

Contact Person: Awanijesh Karan, Associate Vice President
C/o R K Business Service Centre, 194 -195, Cement Road,
Dharmpeth Extension, Nagpur – 440 010
Contact Number: 0712 – 6534046;
Fax: 0712 – 2547295

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