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DTC Bus Enquiry Number

Delhi Transport Corporation, abbreviated as DTC, is one of the largest public transport providers across the world. It boasts of panoply of DTC buses ferrying on Delhi's roads from other corner of the city to other. DTC has deployed about 3106 CNG buses for Delhi NCR service. DTC buses are plying on about 773 routes on Delhi Roads. Delhi Transport Corporation operates Interstate Services in 6 states: Punjab, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Rajasthan. The buses of the Corporation are ferrying on about 51 Interstate Routes. DTC offers passenger-friendly services to all passengers. With a view to provide all passengers with a pleasurable travelling experience, DTC offers an efficient, comfortable, reliable, economical and appropriately coordinated bus services to the passengers of Delhi and neighboring states. For comprehensive information, you can find with us DTC Bus Enquiry Number. From ISBT Sarai Kale Khan, Anand Vihar, Kashmiri Gate to ISBT Head Office, we have with us contact numbers of all of them. For pollution related complaints, we have mentioned below DTC Pollution Control Cell Contact Number also.

DTC Bus Enquiry & Reservation Numbers

ISBT General DTC Enquiry Number: 22968836
ISBT Sarai Kale Khan Contact Number: 24358092
ISBT Anand Vihar Contact Number: 22152431
ISBT Kashmiri Gate Contact Number: 23868836, 23865181
ISBT Head Office Contact Number: 23354518
DTC Local City Office Enquiry Number: 23371745
DTC Scindia House: 28844192 (To Hire DTC Bus)
DTC Pollution Control Cell: 28892006 (For Pollution-related Complaints)     

Delhi Transport Corporation works under Delhi government and works as the main public transport operator of Delhi. Its buses are operated on several bus routes, including the Mudrika (the Ring Road Service) and Bahri Mudrika (the Outer Ring Road Service).  For your great convenience, we have mentioned above DTS Bus Enquiry Number. With the help of DTS Bus Enquiry Number you can know about exact routes on which DTC busses offer their service to passengers. For Interstate Reservation and Enquiry, you can dial above mentioned DTC Bus Enquiry Number. In case you are looking for DTC Control Room Number, find with us. We have with us DTC Control Room Numbers for DTC Central Control Room, DTC East Control Room, DTC West Control Room, DTC North Control Room, DTC South Control Room and DTC Rural Control Room.

DTC Control Room Number

DTC Central Control Room: 24351587, 24350378, 24351763, 24352745, 9818999098
DTC East Control Room: 22593553, 9818999108
DTC West Control Room: 25871250, 9818999105
DTC North Control Room: 27199807, 9871383511
DTC South Control Room: 28866071, 9871383525
DTC Rural Control Room: 28888053, 9871383523

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