Tuesday, 25 December 2012

FlyKing Entertainment Contact Details

FlyKing Entertainment is a leading Mumbai-based Line Production Company spearheaded by Dillip Sahoo. The company that saw its origin a few years ago has expertise in offering the entire gamut of film production services, including Pre-production and Post-production. The moviemaking business is extremely competitive and it demands continuous perseverance, determination and courage to deal with the unexpected. Watching a movie and pleasing involved senses is an easy thing, but have you ever actually thought about how the movie was produced and what went into creating that larger-than-life phenomenon on the silver screen. FlyKing Entertainment deals with all these broad areas of filmmaking. Having delivered its services to a number of film producers and directors, FlyKing Entertainment today holds an enviable position in domains of Indian Entertainment Industry. We have mentioned below FlyKing Entertainment Contact Details.

 FlyKing Entertainment Contact Details

Address: FlyKing Entertainment,
222/1772, Motilal Nagar No-1, Road No-6 Goregoan (W), Mumbai – 400058
Contact Number: 022-65347130, +91-9223367876
Email: flyking@flykingentertainment.com

Now that world is changing, filmmaking business is also changing at an unprecedented scale. Producers want to utilize the best of technologies to present their creative ideas to their target audiences. FlyKing Entertainment also aims to facilitate film producers and directors in achieving their creative goals with great aplomb and stipulated timeframes.  The team of FlyKing Entertainment brings in a unique perspective and maximum returns on any project. Backed by the best of Directors, Technicians and Crew FlyKing Entertainment offer the best of services anywhere in India. Following are the major services that FlyKing Entertainment offers to the clients. If you want to contact the company, then with the help of above mentioned FlyKing Entertainment Contact Details you can do so with ease.

FlyKing Entertainment Services

  • Research
  • Budgeting
  • Extensive location recces
  • Casting at distant locations and cities
  • Sourcing and modifying equipment
  • Sourcing Technicians
  • Post Production packages
  • Assistance with Permits
  • Import of Equipment
  • Travel and Accommodation

Above mentioned are some unique, memorable, distinct and creatively designed movie production services that have made FlyKing Entertainment swell with pride. When it comes to show the glory of yesterday, today and tomorrow through movies, the first requirement arises is the production planning. If you are looking for quality film production services, get in touch with FlyKing Entertainment. For more information find above FlyKing Entertainment Contact Details.

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