Tuesday, 11 December 2012

HSBC Mutual Fund Customer Care Number

HSBC Asset Management Company is one of the renowned Mutual Fund Service Providers in India. HSBC Asset Management (India) Private Limited is an Investment Manager to HSBC Mutual Fund. HSBC Asset Management is a premier Asset Management Company offering optimal investment performance, efficient service and a flexible product portfolio to yield maximum benefits in the long term for clients and institutional investors across the country. The Company never leaves any stone unturned in delivering immediate Customer Care Services to its clients and investors spread all over the country. If you ever come across any sort of issue regarding various services of HSBC Asset Management Company, you can dial HSBC Mutual Fund Customer Care Number to get your issues solved within no time. Below mentioned HSBC Mutual Fund Customer Care Number can be dia led from anywhere in India.

HSBC Customer Care Number: 1800-200-2434 (Toll Free)

HSBC Global Asset Management India is the core global investment platform of the HSBC Group, a group that has won great laurels for its world-class Mutual Fund and Portfolio Management Services. HSBC Global Asset Management in India well understands the unique requirements of clients and investors and provides a comprehensive suite of investment management solutions to its diverse client base accordingly. The Company is committed to delivering unswerving investment performance, top-notch service and a wide gamut of solutions for all types of investors. The product range of HSBC Asset Management offerings in India falls under two broad categories Mutual Fund and Portfolio Management Services. You can know more about them by dialing HSBC Mutual Fund Customer Care Number. You can also read below about the various HSBC Mutual Fund Products.

HSBC Mutual Fund Products

Equity funds

  • HSBC Equity Fund
  • HSBC India Opportunities Fund
  • HSBC Midcap Equity Fund
  • HSBC Progressive Themes Fund
  • HSBC Tax Saver Equity Fund
  • HSBC Unique Opportunities Fund
  • HSBC Dynamic Fund
  • HSBC Emerging Markets Fund
  • HSBC Small Cap Fund

Debt Funds

  • HSBC Income Fund
  • HSBC Gilt Fund
  • HSBC Floating Rate Fund
  • HSBC Cash Fund
  • HSBC Fixed Term Series
  • HSBC Ultra Short Term Bond Fund
  • HSBC Flexi Debt Fund

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