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Bang Bang Films Contact Details

Bang Bang Films is India's International Production Company which has produced some of the best and memorable commercials for Indian Advertising Industry. Bang Bang Films is a reputed Production Company with several years of rich experience in its area of expertise. Headquartered in Mumbai, Bang Bang Films has made its presence felt at both national and international front. Roopak Saluja, who has worked and lived in ten countries on six continents and speaks eight languages, is the founder and CEO of Bang Bang Films. Roopak began his ad career at Young & Rubicam, Budapest and Ogilvy, Paris. Then he involved himself into business school and a few other things, following which he found himself commencing and running Bang Bang Films. In case you want to get in touch with the Production Company, then use following Bang Bang Films Contact Details. With the help of Bang Bang Films Contact Details, you can establish contact with the Production Company easily.

Bang Bang Films Contact Details

Address: 10 Jer Mansion, Off Turner Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai – 400050, India
Contact Number: +91 22 615 33 888| 9870034382 | 61533888 | 61533118

It is the age of information. People across the planet are flooded with an excessive load of media and messages for daily consumption. There is cut throat competition for arresting consumers' attention, and victory belongs to those who come up with the most engaging content and deliver it in the most compelling manner. That's where Bang Bang Films come into picture. Bang Bang Films is a well-known a producer of content-for-brands across several platforms and geographies. It is a premier company with an impressive global network, a producer of stimulating and engaging content, a catalyst for creativity, a provider of clockwork efficient production services, an incubator of creative talent, a force for the internationalization of Indian media & entertainment, a company that was ranked the second fastest growing company in India by Harvard-based All World Network. Bang Bang Films is a creative bunch of prolific people with an inspiring office that boasts of a conference room with a tub with baby sharks in it, a place that's finicky about good coffee and fresh biscotti, etc. If you desire to work with a company that adds new dimensions to your career, find above Bang Bang Films Contact Details and get in touch with the company. Above mentioned Bang Bang Films Contact Details let you speedily contact the Production Company in Mumbai.

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