Thursday, 14 February 2013

Mega Cabs Contact Number

Mega Cabs is the first company to introduce computerized communication & dispatch systems with GPS (Global Positioning System) based, online tracking for licensed Radio Taxis in India. Mega Cabs has the best fleet of first class luxurious air-conditioned, metered taxis in the country, providing complete transport solutions for point-to-point travel within the cities it operates in. The fleet has been carefully chosen, keeping in mind the comfort and luxury of the traveller. They entertain 24X7 and 365 days a year services which are carried out by well trained with highest calibre drivers. It provides the most efficient cab service to its customers, and the promise of dependability and trust is what makes them popular. Mega Cabs provide services in all the major and leading Indian cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Amritsar and Ludhiana. For your convenience and to avail their service during need, we have provided below the Mega Cabs Contact Numbers of the leading cities.

Mega Cabs Contact Number

Mega Cabs Delhi Contact Number: 91-11-41414141
Mega Cabs Mumbai Contact Number: 91-22-42424242
Mega Cabs Bengalore Contact Number: 91-80-47474747
Mega Cabs Kolkata Contact Number: 91-33-41414141
Mega Cabs Chandigarh Contact Number: 91-172-4141414
Mega Cabs Amritsar Contact Number: 91-183-5151515
Mega Cabs Ludhiana Contact Number: 91-161-4141414


To ensure quality and timely services, all cab services of Mega Cab have established a 24 hour call centre for the ease of customers providing them with separate contact numbers for individual cities. They provide quality cars at competitive rate certifying passenger comfort to the minutest detail. Cab services from Mega Cab are available through the length and breadth of the cities with timely arrival and departure services. Furthermore the services are accessible in the entire major terminals including airport, railway stations and bus stations. Cab services of Mega Cabs guarantee to provide both on-road and online safety for the customers. With the roll of time they are striving to improve their experiences and to give their best to their clients. For innovative advertising opportunities at Mega Cabs, please feel free to contact:

Contact Person: Mr. Raghu Khanna
Contact Number: 91 9971794524/ 9988734524

Contact Person: Ms. Karnika Mishra
Contact Number: 91 9310091952/ 9555740037

Mega Cabs is just a call away through easy-to-remember contact numbers, and reaches passengers within a matter of minutes. Pre-approved rates and point-to-point metering ensures fair billing, apart from safety and reliability. The mileage is determined by using tamper proof electronic fare meters. There are no hidden costs or overcharging.  Comprehensive and timely check-ups, regular visits for preventive maintenance and on-road inspections ensure that all cabs are in perfect mechanical condition and meet all standards of cleanliness and comfort.  At Mega Cabs, the drivers undergo stringent training from reputed institutes like the Institute of Driving and Training Research (IDTR) and Hubert Ebner (HE), before their appointment. Each driver's character is scrutinised and his knowledge about city roads is checked. His antecedents are verified by competent authorities before he's awarded a driver's badge. After all, for Mega Cabs, a passenger's safety and comfort comes first.

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