Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Quick Cabs Contact Number

Quick Cabs is India's First Radio Taxi Company Operating with both company owned and driver owned Vehicles. This provides the touch of security, comfort & accountability to the customers as the company sole objective is to ensure high service standards. They make all the efforts to ensure that their fleet remains in good shape, in affinity with the brand perception and expectations of their esteemed clients. By providing well maintained cars at an affordable price without any hassles, Quick Cabs aims to ensure that every customer gets comfortable during the journey. Their team of managers strive to maintain low decline levels, high standards of service to their retail and corporate clients and maximum efficiency through environment friendly and safe cabs. Provided below is the Quick Cabs Contact Number to be used during the hours of need.

Quick Cabs Contact Number

Quick Cabs Contact Number: 011 – 67676767, 011 – 45333333
For inquiries:
For corporate inquiries:

The reason Quick Cabs has attained popularity is the convenience and courtesy extended to its customers. Introducing technological innovations and increasing efficiency by taking advantage of new marketing opportunities and technology is their constant endeavour. All cabs are equipped with Global Positioning Devices (GPS) which enable them to track their vehicles wherever they may travel. Moreover their drivers are well trained and follow safe driving practices. Their tracking system enables them to ensure that their cabs do not break speed limits or commit traffic violations. Their 24X7 call centre executives are available to assist passengers whenever required.

Quick Cabs is the fastest city taxi service that provides all type of A/C and non-A/C luxury tourist cabs for both personal and corporate use. They offer all types of travel related services under one roof and are known for their excellent and efficient city taxi services. Cabs are available round the clock and are backed by location tracking. This means a quicker pickup and faster response to the time of call for the cabs. They are also poised to bring luxury to every segment of society and the objective of the company is to provide high quality service at competitive rate. They offer services like Airport transfer, hourly package for corporate executives to attend meetings, conventions, weddings, and social events. All their staffs are friendly, well qualified and are well conversant with many of the languages which includes English, Kannada, Hindi, Telugu & Tamil. Their drivers are well trained to understand the need of the customer expectations including guests from abroad and they make sure that their aim of making travel a pleasure will be met at all times.

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