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Kuchipudi Dance Academy Contact Details

Kuchipudi Dance Academy is a pioneering Kuchipudi dance institute in Dombivili, Mumbai. It is a non-profit organization, established in the year 1981 by Smt Vijaya Prasad with an aim to popularise Kuchipudi in Maharashtra. The teaching is imparted in Guru Shishya Parampara style. Each student is personally trained under the able guidance of the guru herself. At a time when this sacred art form is elusive to the common man due to high commercialization, this institute relentlessly trained potential and talented students irrespective of their economic capabilities. The academy has conducted many workshops at many prominent colleges and institutes with aplomb. Over the years apart from traditional dance items, students have been taught many new compositions by Vijaya Prasad. Given below are the Kuchipudi Dance Academy Contact Details.

Kuchipudi Dance Academy Contact Details

Address: c/o Vijaya Prasad, 42, Dayananad Society, Gopal Nagar Rd-1
Dombivli (E) 421201, Maharashtra, India
Contact Number: 91-251-2448093
Email: mahesh.prasad@gmail.com

Guru Smt. Vijaya Prasad has her own unique style of Kuchipudi. Traditional Kuchipudi movements threaded with her smooth and mellifluous style makes it very appealing to the audience. Her Dance compositions are very narrative in nature, making it easy to understand. She also choreographed many contemporary dance ballets to help create interest in dance and art in this fast moving world.

This form of dance originated in the village of Kuchipudi, in Southern India and traditionally performed only by men belonging to Brahmin community. Kuchipudi has its own style which is very pleasant to watch and many of the songs are tuned to a special rhythm which is unique and enjoyable. The Kuchipudi dancers are experts in Sattwika Abhinaya, Bhava Abhinaya. The charm of Kuchipudi lies in its fast and intricate footwork, sinuous grace, and the use of the eyes to express moods and feelings. The technique of Kuchipudi closely follows the tenets laid down in the 'Natya Shastra '. There is some mingling of the folk idiom, which makes it highly appealing to a wide spectrum of viewers. The training takes about four to seven years, and includes two sets of adugulu or basic steps, the jatis or combination of movements, and a detailed study of the 'Natyashashtra' (theoretical aspects of dance).

Many milestones have been crossed and many more yet to cross. The academy is hopeful of getting Telugu University affiliation, which will not only affirm academic credentials our students but will also help in garnering proper building with facilities and a library for students to research and get in-depth understanding on various dance related topics.

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