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KNN College and School of Nursing Contact Details

The KNN College and School of Nursing was established in 2004 in Bangalore, Karnataka and is one of the enchanting nursing infrastructure opened for students. The proposal of establishing this institute gained strength when Mr. K.N. Nagaraj, from whom KNN derives its name, was touched by the loyalty and devotion of the nurses who assisted him when he was ailing, weeks before he breathed his last. He expressed his desire to contribute in some way to the nursing community in general. Subsequently, Dr. K.N. Satish took the idea and the step to establish a premier institute for nursing in memory of his late father. Since then with the mission to deliver high quality training, showing concern for students' emotional and spiritual needs, safety as well as to provide high quality comprehensive training consequently improving the overall standards of nursing in the country has lead the institute to reach its height of success. The KNN College and School of Nursing Contact Details has been provided below for future contact.

KNN College and School of Nursing Contact Details

Address: KNN College and School of Nursing
23/B, 'A' Sector, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore, Karnataka – 560064
Contact Number: 09900095166
Fax: 080 28564730

KNN has endeavored to serve the cause of enhancing the nursing infrastructure in the country, not by merely following the established standards for nursing education, but by developing unique ways in which the quality of nursing is enhanced even while giving the greatest benefit to students in their careers. A primary factor that has influenced this success is the innovation that has been put in place with regard to training and placements. Unlike other conventional approaches, KNN has a strong focus on training and the professional development of students in order to meet the global standards of healthcare. This will also help in fulfilling the personal passions of students in serving the community to the best extent possible. The college is among the first in the country to pioneer a unique education-industry partnership. KNN offers all the available courses in nursing that are approved by the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, the affiliating university for nursing in Bangalore. The students are placed in top hospitals all over the country by way of campus recruitment. The high profile affiliation and collaborations of the institute provide a stature and prestige to the institute unparalleled in nursing education. KNN College and School of Nursing's innovative portfolio of Post Graduate, Graduate or Diploma helps students to upgrade their professional skills and requirements.

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