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Saregamapa India Contact Details

Headquartered in Kolkata, Saregama India Limited is a premier music company in India. Formerly known as Electrical & Musical Industries Limited the name of the Company was subsequently changed to "The Gramophone Company of India Limited" whose genesis traces back to 1946. It was converted into a public company on 28 October 1968. The name of the company was yet again rechristened from "The Gramophone Company of India Limited" to "Saregama India Limited" on November 3, 2000. Saregama is one of the biggest music conglomerates providing the largest music repertoire across a number of genres and languages. During its existence so far, Saregama has worked with a great number of the top-recording artists of the past hundred years and some of the greatest names in music. Besides Music, Saregama boasts of an impressive presence in the Home Video Business also. The Company uses the music labels Saregama HMV and RPG Music. If you are looking for Saregamapa India Contact Details, find them with us. We have mentioned below comprehensive Saregamapa India Contact Details.

Saregamapa India Contact Details

Saregamapa India Corporate Office Contact Details

Address: 33, Jessore Road, Kolkata- 700028
Contact Number: 033-25512984/25512517
Fax: 033-25500817

This premiere Gramophone Company has always been better known as HMV in India and since its phenomenal journey has launched several new voices into Indian Film Industry. Some of the most prolific lyricists and singers have lent their remarkable contribution in bringing Saregama where it stands today. The recognition of Saregamapa as HMV in India was so strong that after the RPG Group takeover, it could not phase out the brand. In an attempt to launch its own brand, on 3 November 2000, RPG Group went on to change the company's name to Saregama India Limited, and also introduce a music label of the same name. Besides a Corporate Office in Kolkata in West Bengal, Saregamapa has an extensive presence in some metropolitan cities of India. We have mentioned below Saregamapa Regional Offices Contact Details below. The Company has Saregamapa Regional Offices at Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai. In case you require Saregamapa India Registered Office Contact Details, you can find them above in the post.  

Saregamapa Regional Offices Contact Details

Saregamapa Regional Office Kolkata

Address: 2, Chowringhee Approach, Kolkata-700072

Saregamapa Regional Office Mumbai

Address: 1st Floor, High Tide, Plot No. B/30, Juhu Tara Road,"
Above Millionaire Showroom, Santacruz (West), Mumbai-400049

Saregamapa Regional Office New Delhi

Address: 4DDA, Commercial Complex, Pansheel Park, New Delhi 17

Saregamapa Regional Office Chennai

Address: Door No. 2, 3, 4 & 5, 3rd Floor, Kasi Arcade, No. 116, Thyagaraya Road,
T. Nagar, Chennai-60017

As we have mentioned before that Saregamapa has its expertise in Home Video Business also. It was the largest international Home Video Provider in India until 2009-2010 until the major chunk of international production houses moved to Reliance BIG Entertainment for distribution of Home Video products. For more details find above Saregamapa India Contact Details along with Saregamapa Regional Offices Contact Details.

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