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Sargam Sanstha Contact Details

Sargam Sanstha is a renowned Non-Governmental and Non-Profit organization that has been working commendably in the sphere of social and cultural aspects from more than 20 years now. By a commitment to ensure improved quality of society and children's life, Sargam Sanstha works towards offering help to the most vulnerable children and needy humans. The Sargam Sanstha was brought into being by Mr. Ajeet Kumar, the founder of the society in October 1986 along with the association of Mr. P.C. Joshi and Mr. Anuj Srivastava. Ever since the three of them took interview of their drug addicted colleague during their school hours, they decided to involve drug addicts in useful activities for their betterment. Through their brilliant planning, they evolved out with the notion of involving the addicted people in the local Ram Lila Shows that are organized during Dussehra. Through their successful attempt towards involving them in workshops, dramas and much more, Sargam Sanstha could surpass their first few steps well and rest remains a history. Sargam Sanstha has also pioneered Childcare through imparting professional training that focuses more on child development in India. With passing time, their focus started shifting from children homes to community based programs at children's centers, supporting helpless families and through seeking solutions to their potential problems. If you want to associate with Sargam Sanstha for supporting their cause or for financial help, you can refer to Sargam Sanstha Contact Details mentioned here. Get in touch with Sargam Sanstha Contact number for knowing more about Money donation or blood donation or for sponsoring a child.

Sargam Sanstha Contact Details

Address: 82, JAI Narayan Road, Hussainganj, Lucknow- 226001
Contact Number: 91-9415546126, 4042497

Sargam Sanstha believes that society is like a stew that has to be stirred up constantly to keep it away from the scum that can otherwise spread over it certainly. Sargam Sanstha has been working with the mission of supporting helpless children through the social evils such as injustice, inequality, deprivation and so on. Started with the musical group, Sargam Sanstha began its initiative through organizing Dance and Dramas performed at various stages and streets of India. Towards better goal attaining, Sargam Sanstha started helping people through their best efforts and started working towards enhancing their potential. With their belief that young people and children hold the potential to change the society, Sargam Sanstha works towards offering better services, opportunities and high end support for their betterment. They have already supported over 3,000 children, young bloods and their respective families by conducting various events along with politicizing and campaigning towards delivering them their righteous social justice. Currently, Sargam Sanstha has been providing services and support to various disabled children, families and young people through their various branches. With the head office in Lucknow, Sargam Sanstha has is also actively doing support work at Delhi, Punjab, few other parts of Northern India and Chennai. For contacting Sargam Sanstha for any kind of support, details or donation, you can refer to Sargam Sanstha Contact Details, provided here for detailed address and their contact number.

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