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St. Xavier’s College Kolkata Contact Details

St. Xavier's College Kolkata is one of the best Commerce and Science colleges in India and has been featured in the list of three most reputed undergraduate colleges in India according to Nielsen and India Today Survey. The Christian Minority Higher Educational Institution, St. Xavier's College Kolkata, is a private Master's College, established in 1860 in the capital city of West Bengal. Christened after famous 16th Century Jesuit Saint, St. Francis Xavier, the College is spearheaded by Catholic Minority Religious Body, Society of Jesus. The College received it affiliation to Calcutta University in 1862 and has been lately certified as the first autonomous college based in West Bengal, India, in the year 2006. With its progress plans of commencing several new courses including University granted MBA, St. Xavier's College Kolkata is preparing to emerge as a full-fledged University in the coming years. St. Xavier's College Kolkata has to its achievement of producing number of scientists, film makers, Industrialists, actors and poets in Bengal. Some of the pupils of International repute include Rabindranath Tagore and Jagadish Chandra Bose. Some of the other popular names belonging to the portals of St. Xavier's Kolkata include former Chief Ministers of West Bengal including Jyoti Basu, H S Suhrawarby and Siddhartha Shankar Ray.  For students who want to get themselves enrolled in one of the reputed colleges of India, you can refer to below mentioned St. Xavier's College Kolkata Contact Details. The contact details have been included with comprehensive details of St. Xavier's College Kolkata Contact Number for different courses. You can easily get admission details for various courses in Art, Science and Commerce on the respective Contact Numbers.

St. Xavier's College Kolkata Contact Details

Address: St. Xavier's College, 30 Park Street, (30 Mother Teresa Sarani)
Kolkata – 700016

St. Xavier's College Kolkata Contact Numbers

Reception: (91-33) 2255-1101
B.A. & B.Sc. Office: (91-33) 2255-1207
Education Office: (91-33) 2255-1242
B.Com. Office (Morning): (91-33) 2255-1204
B.Com. Office (Evening): (91-33) 2255-1235
BBA office: (91-33) 2255-1216
B.Ed. Office: (91-33) 2255-1242
M.Sc. (Comp.Sc.) Dept.: (91-33) 2255-1271
M.Sc. (Physics) Dept.: (91-33) 2255-1264
M.Com. Dept.: (91-33) 2255-1249
Computer Centre: (91-33) 2255-1220
Career Oriented Programmes: (91-33) 2255-1288
Alumini Association: (91-33) 2280-5566
IGNOU Study Centre: (91-33) 2281-0964
E.M.R.C.: (91-33) 2287-2869
E.D.C: (91-33) 2280-6511

Started with the mission of promoting Love, Justice, Freedom, Fraternity and Equality, St. Xavier's College Kolkata has been known towards serving educational and cultural need of the society, right since its establishment.  It doesn't only focus on serving the minority community but has been undertaking admissions of students irrespective of their nationality, cast and creed.  Known for its cosmopolitan and National Character, St. Xavier's College Kolkata through its excellent framework has been brilliantly fostering the spirit of "National Integration" among its students. There is a sense of understanding, peace and mutual respect among students belonging to various backgrounds of India which has been promoting values of integration to the society at large. Academically, St. Xavier's College Kolkata is the home to many Bachelors course, especially in the field of Commerce and Science. With its valuable framework, St. Xavier's College has been nurturing passionate pursuit towards delivering intellectual and academic excellence in various fields by offering courses in various subjects including English, Sociology, Political Science, Computer Science, Mass Communication, Videography, Animation and Multimedia, Mathematics, Physics, Economics, Chemistry, Bengali and Microbiology. There are extensive Masters Programs offered in Commerce (Evening Session), Microbiology, Biotechnology (integrated 5 year M.Sc), Education, Physics along with co-ed B.Com and BBA Programs. For details on admissions and courses offered, one can get in touch with St. Xavier's College Contact Details and speak in the respective department on the relevant contact number provided here.

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